This is what Wednesdays are like:

– They are/is busy.

– I thought/think I was/am going to have some time, but then I didnt/dont (Im giving/given this up now). This isnt really a point of its own, its kind of related quite strongly to the last point. I was just amplifying it.

– My eye is as noisy as yesterday, but in a different way. It now goes click click click click when you rub it. Dont worry, it always does this. I can blow air through my tear ducts too, which is a good party trick, but only if you go to really, REALLY quiet parties and not loud rambunctious ones. Luckily Im almost thirty and this isnt a problem.

Shocking News! Blogs might not as widely read as no one thinks they are, especially bloggers! Incredible.

– I have become physically incapable of typing a href

I always type < ahref instead, which is just no fucking good whatsoever.

I just read that sentence over and now want myself locked up for being a dullard.

– I was going to post something earlier, in which case I would have mentioned that the fragrant Mike of Troubled Diva has arranged to meet various people of the web at a pub, and it will be fun, and that people should think hard about it, if they are in the area. But it is far too late now. Sorry. We will have a pint for you.

Or rather, its two days before payday, so we will have a half pint for you. Or maybe a lime and soda. [Checks purse]

Or a peanut. Damn, I should have mentioned this earlier, maybe there would have been someone to buy me a drink.

– Anyway. That is what Wednesday is like. I promise to stop being extremely dull extremely soon. Please God.