Tuesday morning. Its the new Monday morning

130711531_17aba29315_o.jpgA few things:

1) My eye is particularly squeaky this morning. My left eye.

2) I am now convinced that everyone on the bus is out to rob me. This may or may not be true.

3) I have decided which sofa and armchair I want to buy. Now all I need is a) enough money for a sofa and armchair and b) a new flat to put it in.

4) If people are going to nick your content, then why not 4a) Do it logically and nick a well crafted classic piece of writing rather than a bored musing and 4b) At least include the code to the Paypal donate button that I mentioned in the first version of the post, so I could have made some money out of it. Oh, I dont know – maybe she thought it was a meme.

Does it still count as a meme if youre just posting the answers verbetim and changing your name, mostly?

[Update: Oh its gone. How weird. Maybe she didnt think it was a meme after all.

Good thing I saved that screen-grab then. Someone should do an article about blog-plagiarism. PARTICULARLY plagiarism of posts that werent that good in the first place. Thats just really fucking odd.]