Things to do on a bank holiday weekend

1: Sleep.

Tick. Like the dead – and not like the proverbial dead, either, like the actual dead. You know, heavily, unthinkingly, slowly decomposing etc. Or possibly. I dont know, I was asleep at the time.

2: Watch movies.

Oh tick tick tick tick. Yes, very much tick. Mainly today it was Singin in the Rain, which lovely Richard sent me from my wishlist. Seriously. You guys; too, TOO lovely. Thank you. And I watched Rear Window, which was ace. And now Im watching some cock-awful con-comedy (conedy?) which is making me want to defenestrate the television. Front OR rear window – I dont care, as long as it goes.

3: Seaside things.

If this involves looking for flats to let in seaside towns on the internet, then tick. We have decided to move. You may have gathered this. This is very exciting, if a little scary (commutywise) and worrysome (nothavingaflatyettywise).

4: Do things to your blog

Yes, I realise that isnt a traditional thing, but it is around here.

I have been tweaking things and editing the some small collection of posts that might be ok post (here, please please feel free to make suggestions, suggestions veh welcome) and yes, yes I know, start shouting at me now, adding a donate-via-paypal button.


But the toothfairy doesnt pop around so often when youre bumping up against thirty, apparently. And yes, Im sorry, I know its awful. But just imagine the last four and three quarter years of writingness as, like, a book maybe, and you know, a book that you might enjoy you might pay a little money for to, no, no, I cant do it, bugger. Look. Its over there if you ever feel like its something that you might feel like doing, dont feel like you have to say anything but you could just oh shut up anna.

5: Catch up with friends.

Tick. I have caught up with a lot of friends, although admittedly I mainly caught up with them while asleep, which is rubbish. So I havent made up with friends. Oh bother.

[Good god, have you ever seen heartBREAKeRS? Its a film, with Sigorney Weaver, and its just, its just unspeakably bad. Unutterably terrible. Believe me, Ive been watching it for two hours, and its too, too bad. Im never going to get this time back – do they realise that?]

6:Make cakes.

Tick! I made cakes! I didnt make cakes out of ticks, of course. That would be wrong, and bad. And also wrong.

7: Go to church.

No tick. Bad Anna. I didnt eat any Easter eggs either. This is awful, as it apparently makes the baby Jesus cry if you dont eat his eggs. I dont know why he liked eggs particularly. But he really, really did.

8: Water the garden.

I didnt do this at all because, as we all know, hosepipes are Banned. Also, we dont have a garden. I could have watered next doors garden I suppose, but I would have had to do that by throwing cups of water at it. And its three floors down. And they can water their own damn garden, Im busy looking for flats by the sea.

And theres still a whole other day to go.

Im a bit bored, to be honest with you.

I may start doing memes.

Or work.