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Place The bus. Rosebery Avenue

Date 13/04/06

Time 20:30

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I got pickpocketed on the number 38 bus this evening. My iPod got nicked.

I know this isnt your fault, but Im just really annoyed and wanted to tell someone.

It was probably my fault, I should have been more careful, kept a closer hold on my bag, been more aware or something, but, you know, its really easy to get pickpocketed on those bendy buses. Its easy not to notice, and its easy for them to get off the bus really quickly and run away before you even realise whats happened.

I know theres nothing you can do about it now, and Im not expecting you to do anything, really.

But this is the third pickpocketing on a bendy bus that Ive heard about in the last couple of weeks, although the first that actually happened to me. I was angry enough when it happened to my friend and then my colleague, so you can imagine Im really quite upset now.

I dont know what you can do – clearly theres no way were ever going to get conductors back, and youre not going to put extra staff on buses just to protect your passengers well-being and property, are you? And other preventative methods, more cameras or whatever, would only mean youd put the fares up again, and I really cant afford for you to do that.

So I suppose Ill just have to learn to be more careful, and tell my friends to do the same, because if pickpockets want to work in London, then thanks to the bendy buses, they now have a perfect place to do it, repeatedly, and to get away with it.