One iPod down

Good things about the fact that I was pickpocketed on the bus on the way home from work this evening.

  1. It wasnt my camera. He didnt take my camera.
  2. I noticed as soon as it happened – well, as soon as the twunt got off the bus and I looked down at my bag, so its not as if it was a nasty shock later on, which would have been awful.
  3. I managed the first 27 years of my life without an iPod, this is surely a return to that we made our own fun era. Also, I remember when all this were fields.
  4. He didnt take my phone, which is the only place I store all my phone numbers.
  5. If I was going to be robbed at some point anyway, which I probably always was, living where I live, then I should be grateful it was like this, and that I wasnt hurt, or scared, or whatever. It could have been worse.
  6. He didnt take my purse, which has all my means of gaining access to money, or my diary, which has a really stupid amount of personal information in.
  7. Someone fell on the ipod while drunk a few weeks ago, so the damn thing was dented anyway.
  8. He didnt take my passport. I would have been very depressed at the idea of going through all that passport shit again.
  9. I was being lambasted today for not giving up anything for lent. Well oh look, I gave up my iPod. Arent I good.
  10. This has taught me a lesson. I was stupid. My bag was open, I wasnt paying attention, I should have been a lot more careful.
  11. iPods are representative of the shallow, capitalistic sham of our cashsodden routine of dank wageslavery, the filthy mask of our hateful society, the white plastic badge of the bourgeoisie and the white plastic earphone lead that binds the masses to their ugly, immovable, itune-dependent fate. Also I dont like the way you cant move from shuffle to playlist or albumplay mode mid-song.
  12. Its only a thing. Life carries on.
  13. It takes the rosy sheen off London, which will make it easier to leave.
  14. To be honest, I was finding it difficult to think of anything to write about tonight before it happened.

Bad things about the fact that I was pickpocketed on the bus on the way home from work this evening

  1. Im really aware that theres someone out there right now, looking through my playlists, and remarking on the fact that Ive got really bad taste in music.I hate that.