I have had 5 hours of sleep in the last three days – the rest of my time in bed has been spent moaning and writhing. In a bad way.

In the last five days I have taken enough painkillers to kill a slighter woman – although not, ironically, enough to kill the pain.

I am not in the mood to be conversational, or funny.

I am in the mood to swear a lot, and cry.

I will be back later. After the whole root canal thing this afternoon.

One root canal? Two? Can you request sedation? Do you have ask in advance?

Oh ow. Ow ow ow ow ow.

You dont know how lucky you all are not to have toothache.

Believe me, you should just be walking around orgasming continuously for the sheer physical joy of Not Having Toothache right now.

Oh – I forgot, in the depth of my self-pity Thank you to the lovely person who sent the amazon goodies. Yay Scrubs! You are lovely, thank you.

The rest of the world, and my teeth, can fuck right off.

Not you lot. Youre alright. The other rest of the world.


Sorry. I really am feeling spectacularly sorry for myself.



The pain is gone the pain is gone, praise be, praise be, the pain is gone.

[wanders off orgasming continuously like everyone else in the world without toothache]