Impasse, capitaine

Ive been spending a lot of time with tourist maps, recently, studying them in-depth, memorising, finger-tracing them, generally getting to know them inside out.

I have a problem with this one. See, like most tourist maps, it has little illustrations on it, depicting the biggest attractions the town has to offer – palaces, churches, museums, houses, etc, etc. So as you can see on this picture, this one was the same. You can see, on the left, there is a church. See?


And there is another thing.

The thing on the right, next to the writing that says MUSEE DE PALEONTOLOGIE HUMAINE
Which looks, as far as I can see, like a man getting eaten by a giant anteater.


I know the writing says paleontology, and we sat around trying to work out which bits could be a dinosaur, and I know the actual place is where the first human remains of cave dwellers in Nice were found, but frankly, that man seems to be wearing a hat, and as chic as they may have been, I dont know if neanderthal man ever wore hats.
So. Man getting eaten by giant anteater, no?
Bonfire? The THING?

Can anyone tell? Because I cant tell. Seriously, its driving me mad.