Overheard – Nice airport

A couple of people sit and talk opposite me. They are joined by another person who has attended the same conference/fair as them for the last few days, then another, then another. General conversation ensues. They break into smaller conversations.

Lady: Oh! Do you work with Chris? Chris is very bright, isnt he?Man: Oh yars. Hes bright, is Chris. Great to work with. Very Clever. Bright.

Lady: Yars. Is he not flying back with you?

Man: Oh. No. No, he got poisoned on the golf course.

Lady: No!!!

Man: Yars! Kept licking his ball – didnt realise it was covered in fertilizer. Missed the last day on the stand too, poor chap. Sick as a dog.

Hes a bright guy, is Chris.

And the moral of this story?

I give you a clue, it includes refraining from licking your balls without making sure theyre washed thoroughly first. Oh no, hang on, it doesnt include that, it IS that.

Well, hang on to your answers, therell be a test later.