Apropos of boasting

Boasting because it took my beloved five days to bounce back from the pukey disease and today, apart from remaining issues which I am too lady to mention, I am fine.

I put this down to the enormous regimen of vitamins that I have been taking for months and months, and to the fact that I am frankly too excited to be ill. About work things, yes, but also about the fact that we had already decided that today would be a good day for going to the seaside and then, on my way to the passport office the other morning (its all fine now, thank you) I noticed that my favourite film of all films ever (His Girl Friday) and one of my other favourite fims (some Like It Hot) are showing in a double bill somewhere in Soho tomorrow lunchtime. So we booked tickets, and frankly, the weekend couldnt be better, in theory.

Everything will, of course, go wrong in practice.

But I wanted to mention it all now, because in theory, its a lovely lovely weekend, and I thought I might like to remember it like this.

Thank you.



Yes, I was absolutely right, it rained all bastard day.
Now watch me go out and get too hungover to enjoy my movies properly tomorrow.



God, the depth of my self knowledge is simply incredible.