The ultimate selfish act bar one

They say that suicide is the ultimate selfish act.

I disagree. Suicide with intent to disrupt the public transport system? Now THAT is beyond the pale.

See, point is – I was well in time for the train for my plane.
I should, in fact, have been at the airport a good hour and a half or two hours early.
If some poor bastard hadnt gone and got all I-cant-go-on-anymore on our arses.

Which is fine and fair enough, but surely committing suicide in a way thats designed to inconvenience the most amount of people, and draw the most attention to yourself is not just ultimately selfish, its also really short-term thinking. And not very community-minded.

And it was triply annoying, because the announcer kept breaking in to the tense rumble of the platform, and shouting over our heads that Thameslink were SO sorry about the delays and cancellations, but they were UNAVOIDABLE because there had been a Fatality on the line. And the relish with which he pronounced it, in a So there, you bastards, its not our fault for once, and you cant even complain and shout at us about it, because that would mean that you were a bad person for not feeling sorry for the dead guy

Well Im sorry. Im sorry, I am a bad person. I am a bad person, and thats just the way it is.

Because I do, on some level, feel sorry that whoever-it-wass life had reached a point where they couldnt go on anymore. And Im sorry if they were sad,or in trouble, or despondent, or angry with the world.

But frankly, sometimes when people think their lives have reached their natural end, and nothings going to get any better, theyre right. Im very very sorry for the ones they left behind – freinds and family I mean, not the people on the platform, but the manner in which theyve chosen to die is one that will be extremely painful for their family (in some countries it would be extremely expensive, too, because) – and if I was in their family, Id be really fucking angry with them anyway. So there. Dont call it public transport users ire, call it empathy.

Im sorry someone died. And sure, I would have helped if I could, but I didnt know them, I couldnt stop them, and I cannot, for the life of me (excuse me) see why their life being shit meant me almost missing my plane.