Queest-ce que je fais ? Je ne parle pas français bien. Pourquoi est-ce que je suis faisant ceci? Je ne veux pas aller seul à Marseille. Cest fou. Pourquoi est-ce que jai accepté de faire ceci? Cest une idée idiote.


Im going to Marseille for the weekend. On my own. I dont think Ive ever been on holiday on my own. Not that this is an actual holiday, as it is actually work, not holiday at all.

God Im nervous. How do you say nervous? Nervoux? My pigeon French is appalling, I admit it.

Thats what I hate, see. As Ive said before, I feel such a lout going somewhere and not having the common decency to speak the language. Its just rude.

Ill get a phrasebook. Ill get a phrasebook with My toothache appears to have returned, do you have a crowbar you could hit me with? in.

You know, this could possibly count as procrastinating. Im only half packed, and I have to leave in 15 minutes. Maybe I shouldnt be blogging at this point