Yay! Ish!

The bloggie awards things have been announced, apprarently!!!

And I completely failed to win!!!



It will be a struggle, but I will try to carry on regardless. Chin up, stiff upper lip and all that, chaps.

Well, apart from those of you that DID win, because you are ace, and can have as floppy top lips as you desire. Girl, Tokyo Girl and Zoe (ZoeGirl?), you are all fabulous, and now even more officially so.

Girl power!

Hahahahaha. Thats funny. No of course Im not putting on a brave face.

Its toothache.

Well, ish. I was going to be all cool and pretend I didnt want to win. But Im not very cool. And I did. So there.

HOWEVER having said that, the people who did win deserved it. Because they are good, and popular, and this is all ace. Well done, my ladies.