Aidez-moi. Aidez-moi, mesdames et messieurs

Yes, thats right, since you proved yourselves last year with the top tips of places to go and things to see and stuff to do when I went to Bruges and Berlin last year – I need your help again.

Except I need it more this time.

Ive decided to move further up the alphabet, away from the Bs (I visited Basel in December too. And Birmingham in January, did I say? – It was pleasant, but I think a fitting end to the City Breaks that start with B series, I think, dont you?)

So, were now on M. In fact, we seem to have skipped straight from B to M, which is sad, as I was rather looking forward to Helsinki and Hull.

Still – this is where I need your help, if thats ok. Sorry, Your aidez

On Friday, Im going to Marseille for the carnival. Have you been to Marseille? Do you know it well? Is there anywhere in particular I should see, or anything particularly touristy I should avoid? Do you have a favourite Marseilleish type place I should go and take a picture of for you?

Ive only got 48 hours or so in the city itself, and Im on my own, but that is exactly why I need your help – what should I do? Where should I go? What do you know about Marseille at the moment that I dont? (hint:Anything you know about Marseille at this point fits into this category). If you loved Marseille, why? Which bit? which bit EXACTLY? Oh tell me your Marseille secrets, you filthy little SouthofFrancites. Sorry, Im getting carried away.

And most weirdly, do you know anyone lovely in Marseille who might be willing to show me around a little – and could you email me (my annapickard at gmail address) if you think you might?

Thank you, mon poissons petits. Merci a whole bunch, en advance.

So – Marseille? Tips? Anyone?