Happy International Polar Bear Day

Its funny, isnt it? You can wake up in the morning, and carry on almost all the way through the day without realising its a special day, and its only by chance (well, its only by chance in this case meaning its only because youre desperately looking up interesting  facts about February 27th  in Wikipedia because you have to find some way of rounding up the television previews every day and sometimes there is NOTHING to say) you realise that its International Polar Bear Day.

And you almost missed it.


So you do a search, and you discover that, as you expected, its something that youve never heard of, and, in fact, the only people who have are the kind of people who would own the contents of this cafe press shop (replace pigs with polar bears) (You know, the repetition of that page just makes me laugh every time. And you can get so many different flavours! I heart ethnic, anyone?) – and yet, AND YET, when you google International Polar Bear Day and you discover that hundreds of e-greeting card outlets actually have cards for the occasion. Unbelievable.

Still, it gave me something to talk bollocks about for a while so I dont really mind. And, as usual in these situations, Im pointing it out only because I thought it was a bit little.red.boatish so you might like it.

Happy International Polar Bear Day, everyone.