Say what, there, sir?

A random conversation, with a friend of a friend in the pub, about the fact that he had, quite recently, not been finding much success or happiness in speed dating, dating columns, or blind dating, dating through work, dating through friends, singles parties, singles bars, singles holidays, dating clubs, dating books.

He just couldnt find himself a girlfriend, no matter what he tried, he said. It was impossible to find anyone he had things in common with.

So the speed dating thing was fine, except I got really drunk, and none of them actually worked out that well. Its just impossible – how does anyone meet anyone, nowadays?

Well, I said ignoring the fact that my beloved was flashing his best dont even think about mentioning we met through blogging look, over to my left – the majority of couples I know met through the internet

HA! Said Mr Friend of a Friend. What A Bunch of LOSERS! What a bunch of Sad Pathetic LOSERS!

My beloved held onto my hand, tightly – the way one might hold one to the collar of a normally tame terrier whod started twitching, baring their teeth, and almost inaudibly growling – while I sat and tipped my head and wondered whether to carry on the conversation.

Ive had this conversation before – a lot of times, in fact. And have discovered that, mainly, no matter how many stories you can produce of successful couples, marriages, happy relationships, house buying and babies you know that have come out of talkboards, comment boxes, blogmeets and random emails from fellow-bloggers, some people will not be convinced – the internet is simply full of geeks and nutters, after all – and will spend the rest of the night looking at you funny.

So I sat, in silence, and listened to him hold forth about how you can learn more about a person in a three minute conversation at a speed dating event than you could in a year of emails. About how he may not have had any luck in month following month of dating events and singles clubs, but he would never, ever be so desperate as to look to the internet. Ever.

I sipped my pint, nodded, and smiled at the poor little man, and thought about things we had to do around the flat in the morning, and the friends wed be meeting for Sunday lunch, while my beloved traced circles on my palm.