Paging Dr Freud: The one-word writers laxative exercise, pt.2

You know, in some ways Im tempted just to leave the previous post as it is. Its beautiful: An exercise in what happens when you ask a bunch of unknown people to give you just one word.

Does the word you chose say more about you, or more about me, or more about what you think about me? If so, in some cases, at least one of us should be worried, perhaps

But its lovely – though far more than I was expecting. So Ive written them all down on bits of paper, and folded them, and put them in a little purse shaped like a duck that I bought at some market in Bologna. So Ill carry them around for a bit, and ruminate, and, you know, look some of them up in the dictionary, maybe (you bunch of smartarses). And then Ill pick them out and write about them. It seems the nicest way. The most interesting way.

Although, Im still not convinced. The most interesting thing really does seem to be the words you chose.