Stupidity hurts

Used to my morning routine.

Too used to my morning routine. All winter it’s been the same (apart from the fact that there were cigarettes at first, and then there weren’t anymore).

Pootle about, wash, make-up, some vague form of breakfast, some vague form of tidying, check everything is in bag, check again, check again, run around in circles, leave the house.

Walk to the bus stop. Wait at bus stop. While waiting, uncoil iPod earphones from around iPod, thread earphones UNDER two middle buttons of duffel coat, then forcefully RAM them under scarf so they don’t get lost in it.

Problem is, it’s got a bit warmer, I’ve left the scarf at home, but still I am stuck in my morning routine.

And have consequently stuck my hand up my coat and punched myself in the chin two mornings in a row.