Wednesday thoughts III

[Ach, Wednesday, Thursday, whatever]

I was in a meeting, once. A meeting in a Meeting Room.

You know, a Meeting Room. One of those crazy office buildings that contain empty meeting rooms and nothing else – little boxes that people can hire by the day, in order to think outside it.

I worked as a receptionist in one of these places once. We had the ‘The Red Room’, ‘The Green Room’, ‘The Blue room’, ‘The Yellow Room’, ‘The Crimson Room’ (quite like the red room, then, but a bit Darker.)(Mwa ha ha ha ha, etc), ‘The Turquoise Room’, ‘The Tangerine Room’ (Again, you might have thought the orange room had that pretty well covered, but whatever). It was a very boring job.

The other meeting room I was in, the one I mentioned at the top of the post there, was named after a planet.

It was called ‘Jupiter’. The room on one side was ‘Mars’, you see, and on the other side, ‘Saturn’. So they were clearly in order.

It was only a shame that the next room was missing. The one that’s supposed to come after Saturn.

Which is sad, because, you know, that would have made the receptionist’s job so much more enjoyable. “Are you heading up the management consultancy day out, sir? You’re looking for your team, sir? Certainly. They’re in Uranus”.

But it wasn’t there. It was missing. It wasn’t there. Uranus wasn’t there at all.

And in its place? The door to the bathrooms.

If that was intentional, I’m happy to give someone a medal.