Wednesday thoughts II

Yesterday, I got suckered into buying weird soup from the supermarket.

Well, I say “suckered” it’s more the case that they just produced it, and I’m an idiot. Although they did say it was “soup of the month”, which was clearly a lie, unless they were presented a choice of Leek and Banana, Oxtailabeti, and this one, and decided to go with the slightly less weird of the three.

“Bloody Mary soup: Spicy Tomato Juice, with Vodka, Horseradish, Woucerstershire Sauce and Tabasco, delicious hot and cold!”

Delicious cold I can well imagine. What with it being essentially just a fucking bloody mary, at the end of the day. But delicious hot? Well, it was as delicious as you can imagine any hot cocktail to be.

How delicious is that, exactly, that you are imagining?

Because it wasn’t that delicious at all. It was just a bit weird.

Although I’m now considering replacing my hot chocolate with a heated up White Russian. Not a real Russian Caucasian, you understand. Instead, a mixture pleasant combination of vodka, kahlua, and milk.

Would that be weird?

Has anyone tried it?

Has anyone got a hot White Russian?

Does anyone want to swap it for half a bowl of hot Bloody Mary?

It comes with a free slice of toast, if that helps.