I’m blogging like fury over here

Not that you can tell. Because I’m blogging in 2002. Look at me with the crazy time-travelness etc.

See, when this blog moved over from Blogger to Movable Type some time in 2004 or something, there was one little problem – every post before that didn’t have a title, and instead the first few words were being picked up, which looked stupid. And nothing had categories. And yadda yadda yadda housekeeping dullness.

So my beloved is away, again, and here I am, again, renaming posts and adding categories to post after post after post. Have you ANY idea how much crap I’ve written?

I have written a lot of crap. 2200 posts or more, something stupid like that. And, you know, since I’m in them anyway, adding titles, I start re-reading, editing, correcting typos, adding the paragraph breaks that seemed to so wildly elude me for the first couple of years of this site.

And so I am blogging, I really am. I’m just blogging in 2002, so you can’t see me. I’m elsewhere in time. Changing archives that I’m not sure if anyone even reads. And what’s the point? It’s not like anyone’s planning to turn it into a book. Although I can promise them that if they did, it would just like the Bible. In that it would be really long. Possible longer than the Bible, I think, but with the word ‘pissflaps’ used a lot more often.

So do excuse me, I’m not here, or rather, I am, but I’m in the past. I’m putting right what once went wrong. It’s like Quantum Leap. But, you know, not as fun to watch.

Right. I’ll be back, right after I climb out of my typoed history.

Oh boy.