Non-traditional Ode To A Lost Post

Oh little circle turning turning turning turning round
A-sitting on the top of all those words I have just wrote
Oh little circle on the screen of laptop to be found
above the unsaved post designed for red and little boat
Oh circle demonstrating a complete firefox collapse
Oh circle turning turning goading me into ‘force-quit’
Oh circle sending messages from synapse to synapse
Reminding me that though I sometimes have a momentary lapse
and start thinking that technology quite favours me, perhaps –
It turns out all to be a pile of steamy, stinky shit.
Oh Bastard bastard bastard bastard bastard bastard, it.
Excuse me. Odes should only be ten lines. Sorry.
I wrote, edited, and re-edited a big old post last night.
I will rewrite it when I have some time.
Powerbook my arse.