Some interesting facts and a list on the subject of maybe giving up smoking

I realise that some people may know this, but…

… after more than twelve years of smoking, waking up and suddenly deciding not to smoke is something that sometimes happens. There then follows a routine which mainly consists of:

a) Not smoking

b) Harbouring a sudden desire to call everyone an idiot.

I am sure we will discuss a) at more length on some occasion several days hence, when I am less likely to suddenly, and unexpectedly, call you all idiots.

In the meantime, here is the first in a series named:

“A short list of just some of the people I wanted to kill today”:

1) The guy on the bus

2) That woman in the shop

3) Person on phone

4) Everybody with crisps

5) Dave, but only for about a minute. Sorry Dave.

6) The singing woman

7) The other guy on the bus

8) Someone on the telly

9) My beloved (for standing in front of the mug cupboard)

10) Some other people.

I have not had a cigarette for three whole days.

I will try not to become boring on the subject.