Warning: may cause loss of hair. And possibly make you a bit dead.

Number 559 in the quite possibly never-ending series “Yes, I watch too much television”

Adverts for some pharmacuticals have health warnings, yes? “May cause loss of hearing/drowsiness/the shits/other”.

And also loan companies, they have health warnings; “Failure to maintain repayments may cause loss of house/severe credit-rating-cramps/the shits/county court judgements/other”.

So, that being the case, I just don’t quite understand why those terribly exciting Army Recruitment adverts don’t have health warnings.

I wouldn’t be looking for much, just a little text running at the bottom warning about the fact that being in the army possibly may involve war, death, post-traumatic stress disorder, and maybe the shits – obviously as well as involving the advertised abilities to drive fast through forests, make lots of friends, use really cool looking computers and shout a lot.