Some good posts. Maybe. You decide. Whatever.

Ok, so I asked people to remember, if they could, some favourite posts.
These were some of the suggestions

But I feel like I should probably just keep adding to this and keep it as a resource, you know, for new visitors (hello!) and regular readers looking for things better than whatever Im currently writing (hello, sorry about that!) and passing big book publishing people or something. Ha. (But, you know, hullo big book publishing people! Hello!)

Anyway, here are some posts. Maybe I should divide them into sections.
But for now – just location. I think. and maybe mouse posts. and maybe something else. Oh I dont know.
If its hurting, its working: Kinesiology for the unwilling
Seagulls: a users guide
And with that, we walked out
The cereal killer
littleredboat about the house.
Dogs are better than women because.
– One girl and her cute little obsessive compulsive tendencies; One girl and her cute little obsessive compulsive tendencies (part i)
Francis the Jolly Blue Biro – a story for children.
I stand on a toad. In sandals (me, not the toad).
a zoo in Berlin
a windowless hotel room in Manchester
India (by text)
– Kenya, on safari
(Part one, part two, part three;, part four

Bouverie Mouse
Infested by Mighty Mouse
Zorba the Squeak.
A new coming
The ultra-sonic voodoo box

Advice for young impressionable women
The giant vibrator.
The Battle of Trouser
Wax on , and, inevitably, Wax off
In which I go for my pre-holiday wax

Star Wars As I Remember It
My Five Year Old Could Do That: A guided tour of the Tate Modern
How to commentate on the Winter Olympics; a beginners guide.
Media darling: Media moron

– A pome entitled Its HOT and Im BORED
Stupid fucking headache: A Pome.
All the pomes from December 22nd which was, apparently, day.

As always, if anyone is kind enough to have anything to add to this list, drop it in the comments. Until I have to close the comments because of spam.