Look at me, Tigger, I’m writting!

A couple of months ago nice Stuart at feeling listless emailed and asked if I’d take part in his Review of 2005. Describe a moment when you suceeded in doing something you’ve always wanted to do this year” he said. “It doesn’t need to be a life changing event, but it really could be… what counts is how it made you feel,” he said.


I looked back at my year.

Slowly, it dawned on me that pretty much bugger all had happened to me this year.

That, really, my 2005, overall, was pretty fucking unremarkable. In a nice kind of way. But still…

This fact, taken in tandem with my general SADs, made me, frankly, a bit glum. But I still wanted to do it, very much. So I thought, and thought and thought.

And then I wrote this.

It’s far too long, of course. Because it’s me, after all.

But I like it. I think.

Anyway, it looks like proof that although it *looks* like I’ve been doing bugger all wriitting-wise recently, I actually have. Just not here. Just here, here and clearly here, too.

But december is nearly over again, and winter sads will soon be ebbing again (well, soonISH, anyway) and my new years resolutions will coincide with two weeks alone and soon the little red boat will come alive once more, hurrah etc.

In the meantime, though…

The triumph of my year: 2005, by me. (You should take the opportunity of reading some of the others, as well. They’re terribly good.