Two things

a) I fucking love this story, and b) the comment thread attached to the post about it starts off, at least, very, very funny (the inevitable slagging will inevitably take hold soon).

Or is that one thing? Oh who cares.

I wasn’t sure that much could get me laughing at my desk, in the office, past midnight on a Friday night Saturday morning, but that really, really did. I think it’s all the poo/bottom/nuclear strike on Iran jokes.

It’s not so much the post. It’s the comments. They’ve left no gag unturned.

And the interplay between the left and right wing readers is great, for once.


And the next thing that made me laugh? It’s the fact that my post called ‘I don’t care if you take drugs’ just got heavily spammed by ‘Buy Vicodin, Discount Hydrocodone Online’.

Excellent. Dude, these spammers know satire when they see it.

I think I might be slightly borderline-hysterical.

I pity the fool that tries to hold a conversation with me over the next 24 hours…