Stop! This is IT! Bring the talcum!

There’s an advert, at the moment, driving me insane.
It’s a couple in an embrace, on a beach, in soft focus, with romantic music, embracing and dancing.

“Would you” comes the voiceover “Add dandruff to this picture?”

Well, no.

Come on – no. I mean, I wouldn’t add dandruff the that picture, but I’m not entire sure that I’ve ever seen a picture that I would add dandruff to.

Seriously though – have you? Have you ever looked at a picture and thought ‘It’s lovely, but needs more dry scalp’, or ‘Mmmm, evocative, but missing some serious flakiness from the general head area”?

It’s funny, I never realised that it should be an issue. Now I look at every picture and think – “Well, it’s ok – but should I add dandruff?”

Maybe Flickr should add an option for every picture.




Add/don’t add dandruff.

Apparently it’s a thing people do.
Is it?