I don’t know what a blogday is

I have absolutely no idea what blogday is.

If a dedicated ‘something’ day is all about running around being loudly self-congratulatory and reassuring each other that we’re all great, then frankly every day is blogday, isn’t it?

It seems to be some link-whoring project where you link to 5 ‘new’ blogs. New to who? New to you? I don’t know what’s new to you. New to me? Then how do I know to link to them?

Whatever. Someone I don’t link to but should was nice enough to link to me as part of this, so I feel minorly obliged to do the same. New blogs? Feh.


New in that he’s just come back from an extended holiday: My mate stu.

New in that I only found it yesterday and the fact that every post starts with ‘I fucking hate…’, the top post is ‘I fucking hate Pandas’ which keeps making me laugh: Some bloke

New in that he’s in a new country (new to him, you understand, not new as in just formed): NewYorkMark.

New in no sense whatsoever: Petite, who does proper grown up blogging, whatever that means.

And New in the sense that I new I had another fantastic new one to write about, but now can’t remember what it was, if you have any suggestions please insert here: