Stop the bugs, can’t stop the bugs

Yes. Yes, writing, mm.

In a minute. I am busy. Or sort of, anyway. In that I found some bugs.

And, you see,

c) if I don’t get past level 13 then bad things might happen.
b) they’re just so damn cute.
a) simple addictive games are my weakness.

And this is both very simple, and very fucking addictive. And cute.


For anyone that missed my incredible free postcard offer, or, in fact, has anything to tell me about Berlin (staying in hotel in Lichtenberg? Am terrified this is a suburb so far outside Berlin it’s nearly in Copenhagen, is it?) see the update on the post below.

And in the meantime, let me just say that, erm, there’s this… Bugsbugsbugsbugsbugsbugsbugsbugsbugsbugbugs.

[I’m sorry, we’ve lost her]