Top tip me, damen und herren

Alrighty then, seeing as you came through for me so spectacularly when I asked about Bruges, a city where the people live in lace houses, bathe in beer and poo chocolate, I have another new question to ask you.

If you had two days in Berlin – mainly on your own, what would you do? I’m thinking particularly about things which are cheap or maybe free. Because I’m cheap. And clearly free. I haven’t thought of anything yet.

Also, I don’t speak German. I can say ‘Bless you’, ‘motorway’, ‘Get off the toboggan run’, ‘with cream’, ‘too fast’ and ‘slower’ and ‘NO’, but that’s another story.

It’s always been an impediment to the idea of travelling, for me. I get extremely embarrassed at going to countries and not having the common decency to be able to speak the language, I think it’s rude of me. So any Berlin based activities have to be things where I don’t have to talk to people too much.

My beloved is going to be in meetings during the day – I’m just going along for the hell of it, so when I’m not on my own we’ll need places to eat and stuff, and evening things. And things. And stuff. You know.

Also, my number-of-comments-since-moving-to-movable-type is floating somewhere in the high 4000s, so whoever happens to write the 5000th comment wins … erm … a postcard from Berlin. Unless it’s spam. Or, you know, me.

So, Berlin? Anyone have any suggestions?

Update – Tuesday

Shit. I got my maths wrong. My ‘comments since moving to mt’ figure was hovering absolutely nowhere near the 5000 mark, it was, in fact, somewhere in the region of 900 out. Wow. Anyway. Anyone who wants a postcard from Berlin, send your address to my yahoo account (annapickard at yahoo dot co dot uk) and I’ll do it if I can summon up the courage to buy stamps. Otherwise I’ll just sell it on to some unscrupulous junkmail marketing company.

I’m kidding! But I will try and send you a postcard.

Anyway. Someone did kind of win, with a round-figured comment, but since it wasn’t on this post, I’m not saying who it was.

In the meantime, since Berlin suggestions have dried up to the level of ‘The best thing in Berlin is to find the station as quickly as possible and go somewhere else’, I shall pull my finger out and write about something else.