straw poll/post on a linguistic niggle that needles

Quick question.

I am currently having a linguistic debate about what this thing I am writing right here is called.

The people I am arguing with call it a ‘blog’.

I say nonono, I am writing ON a blog, but what I am actually writing is a ‘post’.

To clarify, one person might say ‘”I have just written a blog about the weather”, but I would say “I have just written a POST about the weather…” (Of course, I wouldn’t ever write a post about the weather, but we’ll let that slide for now) or “I posted about the weather on my blog” (Actually my blurnal, of course, but we’ll let that slide too).

I might be termed a ‘blogger’ (though I may punch you if you termed it to my face), I might say that I am going to ‘blog’ about the weather (and you may punch me if I ever *do* say that), but once in the process of doing that, I am actually writing a post, ON a blog. Not writing a ‘Blog’ on a Blog.

They say “I’ve written loads of blogs about having short arms”

I would say “You’ve written loads of posts about having short arms”, “You have blogged extensively on the subject of your short arms”, “Ha ha, you’ve got short arms”, “Your habit of posting about having short arms gets dull after a while, doesn’t it” or simply “My, you manage to type a lot of posts on your blog for a short armed fella, don’t you?”

Does that make sense?

I mean, I’m right.

Aren’t I?