I promise

I promise I won’t write about television for ages. Yonks. Especially CSI. Although if you like CSI please do go and read the next post. And tell me what you thought. If you don’t watch CSI? Seriously, don’t bother. Really. Because it’s all about CSI. So you won’t like it. But those other of you will. So do. Unless you ‘haven’t’, you know, seen the thing. In which case don’t.

Um. Anyway.

I promise I won’t write about television for yonks. Ages. So, you can decide. Blogging is, for me, next, about:

1) The growing list of Reasons not to smoke. Including homeless people.

2) Anna the Aggressive – arguments I’ve had. Kinda recently.

3) ‘Change your life in seven days’. Self-help hypnotism and me.

4) Biological clocks and other posts I have no intention of writing.

Let’s face it, I’ll probably end up writing them all, eventually – but for the sake of interaction (hello!), tell me which you’d like first. And, you know, if not those, then something else.

Which one? Or which order? Or what else?

And hello, obviously.

So come on… 1,2,3,4…..