Spot the difference

With a little help from my lovely seeester and brudder-in-lore, something very little, but Previously Very Annoying has changed around the site.

Actually, no, another little thing has changed, but that was in tribute to the last person that complained about the more important little thing that has changed around the old place.

Can you tell what it is yit?

(Please note, it is not either pregnancy or the acquisition of any ‘Potter’ related book, as suggested in comments to the post below. We’ll be having *none* of those round here.)

Sunday Update

You know, I kind of forgot that I’m always making little tiny changes around here. I took away the guestbook, because all it seemed to be was a repository for spam and email address harvesting, which seemed a little sad. I change the links on my linky bit quite often, to different blogs, reflecting (although not entirely) my reading habits, and every now and again I add articles to the other bit of the sidey thing. And, yes, I may have added one of those ‘1 person online’ county things, just because I think they’re amazing, and it always makes me smile. Oooh, there’s a steam cleaner on the television. I wish I had a steam cleaner. Sorry. Attention span. What else have I done? Oh yes, also I change the rollover text on things quite often, when I can’t think of things to write.

So really, I should have just said – Meg and Po helped me fix the comment thing so that it should remember y’all, and no one need ever be put off the idea of commenting, ever again. Some people guessed that already. The tribute thing was, yes, the tagline that Mike suggested when I wanted to change it last year. Someone spotted that as well. As has Mike, actually, I’ve just noticed.

No, the thing that surprised me was the sheer level of other things people suggested that they thought had changed around here.

Apologies to Kaptain Kobold. We didn’t change the site so you get an error message every time you try and acccess it. That would be stupid. It’s just doing that of its own free will. Nothing to do with me. nononono. I didn’t break it.

Also – there have always been clouds. Always.