My excuse: I was stressed

And when I’m particularly stressed, it helps to clear things away, or put them into neat boxes, or tidy them into piles.

That’s why games like Tetris, or Diamond Mine or Patience or any other repetitive cleaning up games are good. They order everything externally that cannot be tidied internally, mentally, in a very simple fashion.

There are times when you need things to be neat. And the things you feel you have control over most easily are little coloured bricks, pixellated gems or digitised playing cards, or whatever. So you make them neat.

It’s good for you. Well, sort of.

Anyway, that’s my excuse.

Tonight, instead of playing a tidying game on the pooter, I took all the things out of my bag, worked out the best way to lay them out in a square on the table, took a picture of them, and then spent more time labelling them all on flickr:

on this page, as part of:

this meme thingy.

So there you are. Go and admire my neatness, a perfect way to finish the post, should you be so tidy-minded.

Or if you can’t be arsed to do that, I have listed the contents of my satchel below. Because I want to.