Good god Richard Whiteley’s dead

I didn ‘t even know he was ill.

Pneumonia, apparently.

Nine letter word, pneumonia.

So if you were, like ON Countdown, you’d be really chuffed to get ‘pneumonia’.

But not in this case.

Bit sad really. I was quite fond of the Whitelester.

I wonder if they’ll play the ‘countdown’ at his funeral, as they’re lowering the coffin or something. Dumduh-da, duh-da! dumduh-da, duh-da! Doodle, doodle, diddly doo! Poooo

I think that would be nice. Fitting. I would quite like it at mine.

He always seemed like a nice man, Richard Whiteley, and always with the bad jokes.

Bye bye Richard.

Doodle, doodle, diddly-doo! poooo!

(slightly more respectful piece can be found here)