Three and a half hours sleep later

Oh my heavens, I feel like the dead.

The dead after three and a half hour’s sleep.

If only I hadn’t drunkenly promised, on going to bed, to accompany my beloved to a Suffolk family barbeque that I otherwise would have been easily excused from. Damnitall.

Still, Frennzy made me giggle with her comment when I woke up this morning, so the day must be alright. And I thank her for that.

Blogs are nice that way sometimes.

Also – urg.

update – later, more awake and now ashamed

SHIT! There was an infestation of esses earlier. And when I said Frennzy was a she, I clearly, CLEARLY meant he was a he. Obviously. He’s been commenting so frequently for so long on this site, that hos could I possibly, POSSIBLY have meant otherwise.

Shit. Sorry, hin.