I wish to complain

I was promised rain. Where is my rain?

I’m doing a night shift tonight, yet was up at an unwelcome 9.30 this morning because I could not sleep any more. No matter, I thought, I will pass the time by writing a pome, and then I will nap later when it rains.

It is not raining.

I am PMTish, and have just had the worlds most carb-loaded lunch of (oh dear god, how did this ever seem like a good idea?) pasta and beans, and yet it is so hot, I still cannot sleep.

It is not raining.

The wind is picking up, it is feeling as if it might rain, but I cannot nap.

It is not raining.

Even the knowledge that colleagues who we were jealous of going to Glastonbury are now getting hilariously wet does not settle me to the point of nappage.

I need it to rain.

When, please, will it sodding rain?

I was promised rain.