Should you be one for a bit of bad television …

There’s a post about Celebrity Love Island over here.

Unfortunately not containing the concept of the ‘Celebrity Fuck-Yurt’ coined on this site, it does have the benefit of containing a link to Hufu: The Healthy Human Flesh Alternative.

Also I wroted it.

I don’t know whether I should link to things I wrote outside this site or not, to be honest.

I never know whether people will go and read them, or anything, or just mumble and grump and bugger off again thinking ‘Oh. I saw the updated thing and thought she’s Actually written something, but it’s a stupid link instead. We hate her. Boasty anna…’

I tell you what. I won’t do these linky things unless I’m particularly pleased with whatever it was that it was. Is ok? Or maybe I just do it sometimes. Ok?