Yet another list not I’m not on

So, let’s imagine that the ‘blogebrity’ thing people talk of isn’t a really bad parody, and that someone out there actually thinks it’s a brilliant idea to actually set the surely whimsical ideas of ‘A’ list, and ‘B’ list that we all joke about IN STONE, and make them actual things, and more, to (and I love this so, so much) to imagine that there’s a market out there for a magazine about A-list bloggers and no, no, this has to be a parody, because no idea in the history of the world has been that big a pile of cock.

Still, the fact remains that there’s now yet another list out there that people are actually fighting to get on to, and… oh, let’s stop pretending – you do still all love me, don’t you?

I’m kidding. But these popularity contests are annoying, especially for those with a tendancy to the competitive, which, being human, is all of us. And those who take advantage of that … ah, what’s the point. It’s a cynical attempt by someone who dislikes bloggers to take the piss out of them by trying to make them prove to him how important they all are. And they do. We do. Why?

No, don’t tell me. But do say hello.

Let’s form the ‘N’ list.

And not tell anyone about it.