The weird week I’ve been having


I was on Canadian radio the other day.

It’s here. It’s the first audio chunk on that page, about ten minutes in, bookended with the most incredibly ‘Canadian public radio’ stories you can possibly imagine.

Bear in mind from the interview that I did tell them that I wasn’t the expert on the subject, I gave them the url of the man who is (Mike. Obviously) and offered to get in touch with him, but they seemed to just want the first person who they could reach who had sat through the whole thing.

And I was nervous. And say ‘You know’ and ‘I mean’ almost as a tic. And the presenter, although lovely and a seasoned journalist, may well have been new to the whole thing, the term ‘comedy metal’ and the concept of ‘Eminem’.

Anyway, it’s there. And I like my biog.