28/28: Post number 1983

Now I are six


And lo, the door swung open upon a new era.

And yea, I happened to be on the doorstep at the time.

And I didst have my dancing shoes on.

And that era was called Now That’s What I Call Music” Nay, no number did it have. Just “Now That’s What I Call Music”, for there had never been another one. Before that, forsooth, people had just called it music, rather than calling it that’s what they were calling music. Um. Henceforth.

And it did come to pass that we were given it by our Auntie Jean Burt. And also “Hits of ’83” “Superchart ’83”.

And it was good.

Well, not very good. But at the time? My God. You’d never heard the like. Each a gem on the tracklisting, each more sparkling than the last. Kajagoogoo, Men Without Hats, The Rock Steady Crew, Flash in the Pan, Will Power – each one of them sticks in the mind. Because of the names. But importantly, they also had songs. As well as names. And I remember those too.

The names were better. And boy, that’s clearly not saying much.

It was exciting though. It was incredible.

Before that, there hadn’t been very much music in the house. If there was radio, it was sensible-people-talking-radio, if there were records, they were very quiet or very old.

This was new music. It was exciting. These were the songs that people talked about at school. I learnt them. Word by word by word. Dances were choreographed. Outfits carefully selected. The tapes were played so many times they wore thin. Unspooled by creaky old stereos, lovingly rewound by hand and biro. Lost down backs of sofas, hidden in knicker drawers in sibling spats, thy hung about and hung about, listened to occasionally and… And I have absolutely no idea where they are now.

I could download the whole lot, I suppose, and may do still. If I could find the tracklisting for “Superchart”, which I can’t. Anywhere. Can you all have a look through your tape boxes, see if you have it? Double album, Yellow cover. Ta.

It wasn’t the first music I ever bought (that was Rain or Shine by Five Star), but it was the first music that belonged to me, as I belonged to it. As much as one can belong to Kajagoogoo. But as much as you can, I did.

I’m being harsh, of course. Lovecats, by The Cure was always, and is still, a good song. That one song was a good song. Yup.

Oh, but then, of course, then, and how can I forget, then, there was Will Powers.

I knew all the words. My sister knew all the words. My sister, in fact, with her incredible memory, probably Still knows all the words. She’s amazing with remembering. But, I am not. And so was delighted to find the whole thing, history, lyrics and ACTUAL song to LISTEN TO (sorry, too exciting) on this page here.

Go and listen to it. Go and listen to it now.

To see the kind of music Will Powers led me to, you could always look at my wishlist. Ahem.

I’m really really tired, sorry. You can probably tell by the sentence structure. It’s short and pointy and nonsensical. Always is when I’m this tired. Training course sapping special powers. And I’ve realised I’m a whole bloody day behind. At this rate, my birthday will be on the thirteenth, which it isn’t. It’s on the twelfth.

Ah… ah… ahh…ahh … Ahh-ishlist! Do excuse me.

Tickly nose.

(What is this ’28/28′ thing? What the hell is going on? Confused? Ah, well then, you should read this. It will inform you. Also, it has important birthday information)