28/28: Post number 1978

And then I was one

So much happened, the year I turned one, that it’s going to be difficult to fit it all in. So I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll start a new blog, and put it all in there, but for now I’ll keep it secret, because it’s not a good idea for blogs to get discovered very quickly, and one day I’ll tell you where the secret blog is, and then you can go there, and read about all the exciting things that happened in 1978 when I was suddenly one.

Sorry, that was ‘when I was suddenly one’ I meant ‘when I was suddenly One Years Old’ rather than any kind of euphemism. Things don’t get that interesting at this point.

Or, in fact, at any point.

Damn. I shouldn’t admit to that his early on in the project.

Ahem. It gets a lot more exciting. Phew. Boy. Woof. The excitment, eh? But later. Later.

First, 1978. Look, I was one, I was taking a lot of stuff (mainly pureed stuff, it was the way my dealer delivered it, it’s the 70s, we were all doing the crazy shit), I can barely remember a thing. It’s all a blur.

So , what can I tell you? The 1976 copyright laws came into operation, radically changed US approach to copyright legislation; Dick Smith, of Dick Smith Foods, dragged a fake iceberg into Sydney harbour; and on my birthday, rebels occupied the city of Kolwezi, Zaire. I had nothing to do with it. I was eating pureed cake in a living room in West London at the time. I had nothing to do with it.

Honestly, I didn’t. I was still quite dull at that point, and to add to it, I looked like a baldy old man. See?


Naturally photogenic. Yup, Naturally Photogenic, that’s …. my sister. Always has been, always will be.

I, meanwhile, looked like a confused chubby old bloke. Always have done… etc…

Still, at least I don’t have freakishly large hands.

Nor does she.

Or at least, not any more. But on the evidence presented above?…

(What is this ’28/28′ thing? What the hell is going on? Confused? Ah, well then, you should read this. It will inform you. Also, it has important birthday information)