The kind of statement that you’d never think of making unless you had a blog

It’s 28 days till my 28th birthday.

Isn’t that just so terribly neat?

It’s like when, on the fifth of May, at just past 5.05am in the morning, it will be 05.05.05am on 05.05.05. That will be pretty too. We should mark that.

What is more, born in 1977, the next post on this blog (and yes, not *quite* so neat) will be my 1977th little red boat post.

So neatness and neatness and all, I think I will write 28 “approaching my birthday” posts. Memories and diversions on things. Mainly diversions, because I don’t have much of a memory. But I do want to try.

Isn’t that tidy, though? 28 days till 28, so on my 28th birthday, it will be post number 2005, in 2005! Mmmmmmm. Tidy things…

Sorry. But it was all so, you know, Pretty.

Also this way people might buy me presents.

From my wishlist or something.