Rattan grafitti

It probably says a lot about the area we live in.

In the pub this evening, in the ladies tolilets, on the back of the toilet door, someone had written, in very big writing ‘Oats are a herbal remedy for depression. Next time you’re feeling down, eat a porrige or musli breakfast for a week, and just see what happens!’ And then a smily face.

The very first comment, it has to be said, and it was dificult to date them accurately, seemed to be the one from someone who had first corrected the spelling of porridge and muesli and then written, underneath in the same pen, that oats weren’t exactly ‘herbs’. Oh, they’d also crossed out ‘a week’ and written ‘wankers’.

On the other side of the original grafitti, someone had written ‘Does it work with coco pops?’

and the original hippy, it appeared, had written ‘no’.

And then someone had asked if it worked with smack.

And then the grafitti had rather gone off at an angle. Puns on the ‘Smack crackle and pop!’ theme, mainly.

But how many other places in Britain would have toilet grafitti advocating muesli? AlthoughI suppose if they were that much of an advocate, they wouldn’t need the toilet that much.