Words that make me spit

  1. Girl
  2. Mother
  3. Housewife

Actually, the last one kind of comes and goes from the list, because its not such a constant problem, but the first two? My God they make my blood boil.

Its not the shape of the words I mind, or the letters used to make them, which are in themselves very useful and well formed. Or, for that matter, their meaning, per se, I mean, I was the first, I will be the second at some point and the third is an adaptable, flexible term reclaimable within the parameters of a modern realationship. Or something.

No. A specific concept of their usage raises my hackles. It is in news reporting that the use of them makes me fit to burst. And – actually – all the examples I have immediately to memory-hand are from the BBC, which makes me spit even more.

I remember watching this – and writing about it, actually, when Paula Radcliffe won her first London Marathon or something, and was described as 28-year-old girl in the headlines. Girl. What would she have to do to be called a woman, in this case, what would she have to achieve? How old would she have to be to be called a woman? Because – unless Im wrong – she didnt win the Girls Marathon.

So yesterday, the Grand National is on. So, two things about the Grand National. One; there was a jockey riding in it, her name was Carrie Ford. She was a woman (probably still is). Two; The Grand National is sometimes referred to as The Housewives Favourite, because its traditionally the only race of the year that everyone takes a bet on. And yadda yaddda yadda, it wasnt that use of housewife that pissed me off. For now.

Radio Five Live, yesterday morning And one of the runners and riders this afternoon is 33-year-old mum of two, Carrie Ford as if her children would be on the horse with her. They werent.

Third thing, yesterday lunchtime. Graphics up on screen, BBC One, bloke trailing the race happening later in the afternoon, decides to kick off his announcement with a jolly We-heh-heh-hell One of the favourites in the Housewifes Favourite this afternoon Is a Housewife!
Fuck. Off.
Jockey, I think, is the word youre looking for. Shes not in the race as a housewife. Shes in the race as a jockey.

Its simple, its so simple, why dont they get it? If a woman is a politician, or in business, or achieving something for and by and of herself, why is it all right to immediately belittle her achievement by describing her not as herself, but as someones child or someones mother, or the woman whose role is contained to the upkeep of her family and home – roles important and fulfilling and powerful within themselves, but if youre actually talking about her for another reason, about things which she as a woman has done, about her in a different

Oh forget it.
Forget it.
Sorry to rant.
It just really fucks me off. Sorry.