My bad

I’ve been informed in no uncertain terms in my comments that I last wrote on this blog on Monday. And that that is simply Not Good Enough. I agree, and have arrived before you this slightly hungover Saturday morning to chastise myself roundly in public. BAD ANNA! There, that feels better.

I could offer excuses, from the training course I was on this week to a hectic evening schedule and lack of inspiration/anything to write whatsoever, but I know you wouldn’t care. You don’t want the excuses, you just want the goods.

So fair enough, I pledge here, now, I will will write something every day from now on. Promise. Every day, apart from the days when I don’t. But they will be less than the days when I do. Honest. And you have to promise to keep coming back. Deal. Good.

In other news, there is a lot of nice stuff in the world of Anna, inbetween the busy, with the possibility of all my dreams coming true – or some of the ones that haven’t already, anyway. My nose is still bruised from where I fell on my face, and I fear it might be quietly broken in a subtle kind of way. Did I say I fell on my face?

There’s an old Celtic blessing that begins ‘May the wind be at your back, may the road come up to meet you…’ and that pretty much describes the whole thing, apart from those who may argue that I went down to meet the road. It was 3am, and very very very dark on the Isle of Iona, and there were gale force winds, and the road was extremely uneven. And it was extremely dark. And also I was very very very drunk. But I think it was mainly the dark that did it. I think.

Anyway, the nose went pink, the nose swolled up a little, the nose went down a little and then the nose developed two little dark patches that won’t go away. Not *very* dark. But still annoying. Is it broken, do you think? I’m only asking because I have no intention of going to the doctor, so this is the only way I’ll find out.

I shall go away and think of things to write with the aid of a bacon sandwich.

Sorry, Again. Think of my little hurty nose as punishment for my bad.