Feed me, Seymour

The other day Dan was asking in the comment box about feeds.

Other people have asked about feeds previously, and I’ve always stayed rather quiet on the issue, mainly in the hope that someone would pop along and say something more knowledgable on the matter.

And they always did.

They were generally people like my lovely seeester who built the site and would therefore know, or highly technically minded people (I don’t think many of them like me though, so they wouldn’t stop by so often). But these people shouldn’t have to answer this question repeatedly. I am 28 years old, or 27 or something, and should be quite capable giving a rational and intelligent technical answer to questions such as these.

So now, just to make things clear for and by myself, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands, be practically decisive on the matter, and show myself to be the independent, assured and proactive young woman of the twenty-first century that I am, by making a conclusive statement on the matter of ‘feeds’ for littleredboat.

And I have done this through the medium of asking my boyfriend (for ironic purposes only, of course) to tell me whether I have these ‘feed’ things or not.

The answer is, Yes, Apparently, I do, and always have. Got ‘feeds’, I mean.

Apparently (my beloved says) they are here:


(apparently this is an rdf ‘feed’ which is something like an ‘rss feed’. I don’t know what an ‘rss feed’ is, apart from the fact it sounds a little like ‘arse feed’, and is therefore funny. ‘rdf feed’ doesn’t sound like anything funny, which I consider to be a failing on behalf of the techie community, or perhaps the alphabet. Or something.)

and here:


(this is, he says, an ‘xml’ (extra-medium-large, I think) feed, which from his description, seems to have quite a lot in common with the ‘rdf/arse feed’, even beyond their shared use of the word ‘feed’, although there also seemed to be some marked differences which would go some way to explaining why two existed not one, because if they were that similar, there wouldn’t be any point in having two names. I don’t think.)


For those who already knew about those, thank you for listening, and sorry for taking your time, for those who didn’t know about those things, then there they are, please take, and use them in whatever way you were thinking you might use them, and I hope that when you use them in that way they produce the effect that you were hoping for when you thought to use them.

Whatever that effect may be.

Unless it means you don’t ever come here and leave comments and read the site anymore, in which case don’t. But I don’t think it *can* mean that, because why would you want a url for something you didn’t want to read? Or something. Maybe it’s not for reading. Whatever. There are two little urls up there, and I’ve been to them, and there’s stuff there, but it’s kind of ugly, and has lots of brackets and no pictures of clouds, but my beloved says that’s what they should look like, and that I’m not to worry, and there’s no way we can put a picture of a cloud on the page, because that’s not what you want. Or something. Then he tried to explain what an Arse feed was, again, and how it was different from the extra-medium-large feed, but I stopped listening and wrote this instead.

I hope that’s ok.

The feeds, I mean, not the post, which is rather headachey and rather rambly, and may not make as much sense as I think it does.

Please comment if you have any questions.

Or just to say hello.

Don’t try to explain ‘feeds’ to me though, I actually don’t care.


You can still say hello, though.

Or, you know, if you have any questions about any of the above, you’re welcome to ask them.

As I already said.

I probably won’t be able to answer them.

But I might try, and I do so hope it won’t mean that you all go away and read this from an ugly page with no clouds.

But, you know, it’s up to you.

It looks like the kind of page that technical people like.

Yes. Erm.

I’m going to put the laptop down and walk away now.


I’ve got feeds.