Go and vote for my friends. Please.

I shall take this opportunity – while the Bloggies bandwidth thing is sorted – to tell you to go and vote for the people I like. And who I nominated, and have voted for already. Not that being nominated by me was a surefire route to shortlist. Nononono. Because, lets face it, every single one of you lovelies would have been on there if it was. And also I would be on there . *Grumble grumble razza-frazzin’ meh meh meh small ladylike tantrum etc*…

But who cares about that? – I demand that you go and vote for the very very good webloggers (and very very good writers) that I like. No, I don’t care who you like. You should go and vote for who I like.

Because I like Londonmark and Troubled diva, Myboyfriendisatwat and Petite Anglaise. There are other people and blogs you should vote for. Obviously, the Guardian article in the section on articles and essays is very very good indeed. As are the blogs above.

So go and vote for them. Now.


Thank you.