Reminder (doggerel version)

If, by any chance one morning
as you wander through the wood
you chance upon a troll-like figure
(unlikely, yes, but if you should)
I recommend you do not feed it
hungry though it might appear;
feed it, and you reassure it
that it sure has found your ear.
Shouty soon the troll will become.
Spitting fire at all the world.
Happy and excited at last
somone has their ire unfurled,
by simply rising to their bait.
Their fervent will to be irate.
Their love of goading those they hate.
And nought can make the fire abate.
It’s very annoying.
They’ll jump excited all around –
Think back, you’ll find yourself to blame
you thought they were a simple soul –
But attention given, returned flame.
In the future, please remind us
Do Not Feed the Trolls.
Matter not o’er what they wind us
up, remind us; Do Not Feed the
Trolls, no matter how they tempt us,
with what arguments they plead
for titbits – it will only serve (at
end of day) to fill their needs
and nothing else. It is not worth it.
Tho’ tis tempting, I implore
remind me; ‘Do Not Feed the Trolls’
should I but seem to, evermore.