Totally f$%%in’ AWESUM

I realise that everone else probably has seen this and read it all already, but I’m very slow on the uptake sometimes.

I’ve just been reading Angry 15-year-olds for Bush. All of it. Every word of it. And I can’t believe that I should find this after the Bloggies nominations closed.

Still, just shows you the wonderful things that can happen if you google words like ‘librels’. And for a final word, over to ‘Chris’.

When you are mad at george bush and think clinton might be better remember that he did these things:

  1. George Bush has killed all the terrists except the ones that live in france and cuba and the united nations. The white terrists that are called libruls are still here but that is only because with white people it is harder 2 tell the good from the bad and only some of them have french aksents
  2. George Bush had turkey with the soldiers BILL CLINTON HAD PREMARTAL SEX

This is a joke. Right? Right?